The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

For April Fools day, (one of my favorite stores) supposedly offered a really cool new tie design they called the “8-bit tie.” Understanding it was only a joke, many people wrote Thinkgeek saying they really wanted the tie (myself included,) and to produce it.

After a ton of requests, Thinkgeek finally folded, and said that they are going to make it. Here’s the message on their site:

Hey! You! Quit emailing us to make this for REAL already ;) We promise, we’ll make it. In fact we are already working on it. You’ve just forced our hand! Click the ’email me when available’ link above to get notified! Thanks! I guess the joke is on us this year :p

Hilarious. If you like it, be sure to pick it up for $20 when it becomes available from ThinkGeek