List of Blogger Salaries

If you’re interested on how much you can make blogging, head over to Paula’s List of Blogging Salaries where she lists various blogger’s salaries, from the gurus like John Chow, to some of the lesser-known bloggers.

I’m not on the list, but I guess I could be. Last month I made a little bit over $600 from, and it was the same the month before. Off of those calculations, my yearly blogging salary would be about $7,500 from AutomoBlog. Not too bad for something I started for fun. I haven’t even tried to monetize yet, but I think I’ll start soon. Having a Page Rank 6 really gets me a good start on that.

3 thoughts on “List of Blogger Salaries”

  1. With a PR6 you could be making-bank selling a few links! Outside of that, traffic is the key.

    Good luck; lets see who makes Paula’s next list.

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