Prometeus – The Future of Media?

Here’s a very interesting video that attempts to predict the future of the internet, and media. The video is thought-provoking at least. While some of it seems unlikely (like Google buying Microsoft,) I’m not ruling anything out, and much of the rest seems surprisingly possible.

Video after the jump…

[ev type=”youtube” data=”xj8ZadKgdC0″][/ev]

Sorry about that weird black border around the video. I’d fix it, but…meh.

By the way, I think Google is more likely to eventually phase out Microsoft than buy them. If they buy any big name, I think it would be Yahoo.

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One thought on “Prometeus – The Future of Media?”

  1. It reminds me of the movies in the video game Alpha Centauri for some reason.

    I keep thinking that in a few years we’ll see this on Paleo-Future, before laughing and flying away in our jetpacks in our silver jumpsuits.

    Although seriously it doesn’t seem that far out. I always love the prosumer concept.

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