Updated list of Blogger Salaries

Forbes Edit CoverPaula Mooney updated her list of blogger salaries recently, and there are 120 bloggers listed! Are you on it? I made it this time, but the numbers are actually a bit outdated. I should be around #71 now. I don’t really care, and I know how difficult it must be trying to get updated numbers from all these bloggers.

The #1 and #2 spots are taken by domainers. The domaining field is one of those mystic skills that it seems only a few can master successfully. We hear stories of people making millions and millions from buying, selling, and parking domains, but it’s one of those things where the little guy just can’t get a break. It seems you already need a foothold in the field to make any money at it. Anyway, check out the list:

List of Blogger Salaries