No More Joost Invites

JoostEver since I started offering Joost invites, I’ve received an unbelievable response. So far I’ve sent out 125 invites, all by hand, one at a time. The time has come to an end. Not because I feel like being a jerk, but because Joost completely stopped working on my computer. Every time I opened it, it crashes on me right away. I really don’t feel like trying to install it again; I didn’t really use it very often anyway.

It’s a great service, but I’m going to wait until they fix the obvious major bugs, and complete their partnerships with some of the major networks they’re working on. Right now they really don’t have that many channels available.

I still encourage you to find invites and try it out, you might find that you love it. It’s still better than all the other TV-on-Your-PC programs I’ve tried. I believe the folks at TechCrunch still have some. Go get a Joost invite from TechCrunch.