to be a Page Rank 8!

Ah, that wonderful time of the season in which Google updates their displayed Page Rank. For some, it’s a great time. Filled with rejoice as their Page Rank increases by one or two points. For others it can be terrible if they lose a number or two, decreasing advertising profits, traffic, and egos as Google tells them to “suck it.”

Want to jump ahead of the others and see what your Page Rank will be during the upcoming update? Visit PageRank Predictor. It’s a tool by, which any webmaster or SEO’er should visit frequently.

After running my sites and a few others, I was a little disappointed by the results. I decided to see how accurate it was, so I checked out and, both of which have the coveted PageRank 10. To my surprise, these were the results:

Page Rank

Either Google and Yahoo are losing their touch, or something is inaccurate in the PageRank Predictor. I’ll assume the latter. Does this mean all the tests are inaccurate? By no means. Considering the enormous amount of power of Google and Yahoo, it’s probably difficult to assume a Page Rank prediction just from back-links, which I believe is the only thing this tool uses.

In other words, use this tool all you want, but don’t assume it’s right. If you see your predicted page rank as higher than the current rank, it probably will be. If you see it fall, it might. Have you been slacking? The predictor might be right.

Kevin from did a few tests of his own and will compare the results to the real update in about a month. We’ll see how accurate this tool really is.

7 thoughts on “ to be a Page Rank 8!”

  1. wow, I didn’t think that the page rank of google and yahoo would be dropped. Perhaps the predictor will be wrong for these sites :)

  2. Well. Actually Google’s and Yahoos real PR’s are those you see in the predicted section.
    They really are only 8 and 7. It’s just that Google toolbar assumes automatically Google and Yahoo to be PR 10.
    The current PR I think is probably taken from the toolbar, that’s why it is PR 10.

  3. Business Card Guru: If Google and Yahoo aren’t PR 10, then nothing is. Why would they be displayed as a 10 if they are really a 7 or 8? I really believe they *are* PR 10, but the predictor is inaccurate.

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