Debt Consolidation

Credit CardsThe sponsored post I’m writing today could be of some use to all of us. While it is blatant advertising, the site impressed me. The website is, and unlike many, many other financial sites similar to this that I’ve seen, this one looks completely legit. If you’re having any debt problems (we all have them at at least one point,) you should really check out

As a disclaimer, the review requester (DebtHelp) did not require that this review be all positive, I really do think it’s a great resource for those who can use it.

America has a big problem with consumer debt, as we all know. If we all know it, then why is the problem only getting worse? One reason: Because Americans are obsessed with keeping up with the Jones’. It’s not necessarily our fault; it’s been ingrained into us since birth. Wanna know the ultimate secret to staying out of consumer debt? Stop it. Stop trying to keep up with your neighbor. It’s not worth it. If you can’t afford that new Lexus, don’t buy it. Get a Toyota instead; they’re the same damn car, and you’ll save at least $10,000 ($200 per month!) Already got yourself into trouble? Keep reading… gives you in-house resources to consolidate debt, do a mortgage refinance, learn about how to get out of student debt, credit card debt, bankruptcy, and even give assistance with tax debt. I’ve had my share of debt issues (in my less “responsible” days,) and anywhere I looked online for a debt consolidation loan looked shady, so I eventually got myself out of it, but could have really used a trustworthy site like this to help out.

The last financial site that wanted me to review them copied all of their content from articles on the internet, and embedded the loan application from the affiliate site into their own site, providing no security. No so with DebtHelp. Their applications are secure (just look at the certifications at the bottom,) which is very important, especially when releasing personal information over the net.

The only suggestions that I have for the website itself, is that currently it looks a tad cluttered. There is a lot of information to display on this site, and sadly there is a limited amount of space to display it. I would recommend finding a better way to design the site so that the information is not overwhelming as it is currently.