Woot! for Dummies

Bag of CrapI find myself often explaining to people what Woot! is, and it’s not always easy. People can’t seem to grasp the idea of a store only selling one item per day, occasionally selling more (Woot-off,) and especially trying to explain what a Bag-of-Crap is.

Woot! finally released “If You Don’t Know Woot By Now.” A great, quick explanation of what Woot is, what they do, and how they work. Now all I have to do is reference this page when I try to explain it to someone.

If you aren’t familiar with Woot, visit the page. You’ll likely become addicted to their awesome deals, catchy podcasts, weekly contests, and great sense of humor in each post. Not to mention become very frustrated when trying to buy something during the next Woot-off, especially if it’s a Bag of Crap. Last time they sold one they had a peak of 30,000 requests PER SECOND! I’d love to see their data center.

The “guide” explains the multiple features of Woot, including how to know when it’s a Woot-off, The Product Stats feature, the “Discuss This Product” section, wine.woot, Wootcasts, Bag of Crap, and Side Deals.

If You Don’t Know Woot By Now