Alexa Releases Sparky: The Official Toolbar for FireFox

Alexa LogoWow, Alexa finally realized it was 2007 and released a toolbar for Firefox. Impressive. Now you have an alternative to the Search Status plugin, which was previously the only choice for Firefox users. Even then we weren’t really sure how much of an impact Search Status had on Alexa rankings, but it was our best hope.

Sparky has some extra features included:

  • Related Links: Find sites that are similar to the one you are currently visiting.
  • Traffic Trend: A sparkline showing the traffic trend from the last four months.
  • Reach Meter: An indicator that shows the site’s Reach.
  • Traffic Rank: Shows the current site’s Alexa Traffic Rank.

Alexa Sparky

Hopefully this evens out the playing field a little bit and starts to bring in more accurate results from Alexa, but I won’t be comfortable until all browsers are supported, including Opera and Safari. Even better, advertising companies should stop relying on a clearly inaccurate rating system.

I might download the toolbar to be sure my results are actually recorded, but for now I’ll stick to Search Status due to it’s incredibly useful features.

By the way, Sparky requires Firefox 2.0+ to run, so if you haven’t upgraded to FireFox 2.0 yet for whatever reason, be sure to do so before installing Sparky.

Download Sparky for FireFox