Earn Affiliate Revenue with aLinks

aLinksHere’s an effortless way to earn more money with your blog. The aLinks plugin for WordPress takes common words and phrases you use and automatically turns them into links. Sounds simple enough, but the possibilities are almost endless.

The first and most obvious technique here is to take commonly used phrases on your blog and turn them into affiliate links. I frequently write about blogging, webmasters, hosting, and other general IT-related subjects, and you can see a few of my aLink Keywords in the image below. These all link to their respective affiliate programs, and have each generated a little bit of extra income.

aLinks Keyphrases

In addition to linking to affiliate programs, aLinks has the ability to automatically attach your Amazon Associate ID into links to Amazon, a “Deeper Blog Keyphrases” section to help you link deeper into your blog posts to keep readers on your site, and even comes with it’s own statistics.

I suggest giving aLinks a try, if for no other reason than to attach automatic affiliate links.

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