Choose Your Categories Carefully

tag CloudHow many categories do you have for your blog? When writing a post, always strive to select categories you’ve already created as opposed to creating another one. For example: If you’re writing a post about a new Adobe product, do you really need an Adobe category, or could you just include it in Software? Chances are, Software will do just fine.

When you’re about to create a new category, always think “Will someone actually want to click on this category?” If you can’t imagine people regularly clicking on that category to narrow down to posts contained within it, scrap the idea and generalize. Creating too many categories clutters your blog and turns off readers from choosing to click on just one category.

Furthermore, be sure that your category title is the best possible keyword for your subject. Matt Cutts (Engineer for Google) said “use good keywords for your categories.” I’ll take his word for it. Categories help search engines and human readers understand quickly what your post is about.

I used to haphazardly create categories for every subject relating to the post. Later on, I realized this was an issue and spent hours narrowing the categories down and reassigning. I still need to cut back some. Don’t make this mistake in the first place, and keep your category list short.

3 thoughts on “Choose Your Categories Carefully”

  1. i agree about keeping a short list and i also made the mistake of creating too many. i’m too lazy to restructure them at this point, but another justifiable reason for keeping categories to a short list is for seo purposes. creating relatively equal sized categories (# of posts) helps keep a balanced “tree” structure, weighing the importance of each category equally — at least to Google :) so having 5 categories with 1 post and 5 with 10 posts doesn’t help your seo efforts…

  2. Very good point Ms Danielle, I suppose spending some more time restructuring my categories will be worth it when I have some free time.

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