WinSplit Revolution – Get The Most Out Of Your Monitor

Do you have a high-resolution monitor or dual monitor setup? I guarantee you aren’t getting the most out of it unless you’re using WinSplit Revolution; a fantastic piece of freeware designed to help you maximize your productivity. And it works.

WinSplit Revolution

By using simple keypad shortcuts (Default is Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 1-9) WinSplit rearranges your windows in an efficient manner, allowing you to get the most out of you desktop space. This is especially useful for Web Developers to have your browser, FTP program and code editor tiled to see all three at once.

I’ve had no issues so far using it in Windows Vista, and the most recent version (1.6) now supports dual-monitors.

Download WinSplit Revolution

[via Lifehacker]

2 thoughts on “WinSplit Revolution – Get The Most Out Of Your Monitor”

  1. that is a great tool I have dual monitors right now and I think I am using it perfectly but would be the difference if you just tile your windows? its similar to winsplit in a way unless there are other features that are totally different

  2. Ian, I assume you’re talking about Windows’ built-in Tile Windows function? The main difference is WinSplit is much more functional, in that it let’s you have much more control over exactly how you want your windows to tile. It’s also much faster, especially when you’re wanting a more complex set-up, and is compatible with dual-monitors. It does also throw in a few more features like Windows Fusion, Automatic Placement, and Mosaic.

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