Getting Ready to Take Off for BlogWorld Expo

I’m packing my bags for BlogWorld Expo, taking off tonight and will be there first thing in the morning. I’m really looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers and friends like Nate, Danielle, John, Jeremy, Gary, my friends from Copeac, and so many more! I’ll update the blog when I can, I’m sure they will have wi-fi :)

Sadly, I won’t have much time to do much else while I’m there, since I’ll be going to PostieCon too, and my flight leaves at 6AM Sunday morning.

One thought on “Getting Ready to Take Off for BlogWorld Expo”

  1. i really wish i can attend those conference one day, but not for now, too far for me and the expenses is high.

    Hope i able to collect money and attend on the next coming conference… hope to see u too

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