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textYou can never really have too many article submission sites. Both for researching topics and marketing, these sites are a great resource. The newest kid on the block is – an article submit site that focuses on how to articles and tutorials.

This site seems to be more focused on getting people to submit their articles as opposed to being an actual resource for articles, since the menu of tutorials is at the bottom of the page, and the first half of the page is dedicated to telling you why you should submit your unpublished articles to them. The articles have to be unique, in that they cannot have been published anywhere else on the internet. has an attractive design, and is logical to navigate. Things are mostly laid out how you would expect them to be, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Most of the articles I looked over are quality-written, and the authors display a knowledge of the subject.

They also have a “get free content for your website” page which allows you to place some javascript (or XML) on your site that automatically updates with the most recent content from whatever category you choose. It’s a good idea but I couldn’t find it particularly useful. Each article title generated links back to the respective page, and the articles themselves are simply excepts. Plus you have the obvious duplicate content issue.

There were also some issues I noticed with the articles themselves. A random article I checked (Secrets of wifi) is not only placed in the wrong category (programming -> oracle,) but actually contains wrong information. The first sentence is “any signal that is sent without wires is called a radio transmission.” That’s simply not true, as microwave communications and infrared are also wireless, for example. I realize it’s difficult for moderators to be an expert in every subject, but as shown here, you run the risk of publishing false information. That’s exactly why Wikipedia requires that you cite your sources and each category has it’s own moderator.

Another problem with the website as a whole – and you’ll notice this on the front page – is that it’s painfully clear that the owner or writer for the site does not speak fluent English. There are misspellings and blatant grammar errors all over the site. I found these gems on the front page: “toturials” “articlea” and “analized” – which actually means something completely different (google it.)

The grammatical errors are actually bad enough to make the site difficult to understand: “There are actually many advantages for visitors experienced as well as the owners of Web sites” – “The advantage for the owner of the site is that the increase in articles entering links to Web sites” – there are plenty more. A recommendation to the site owners: hire a native speaking English proofreader. Please.

There is a clear link between and – the sites are identical. To the owners: if you’re moving away from, be sure to update all links and references to it in the new site (Example – second paragraph.)

Another big suggestion here: If you want people to submit articles and be active on the site, you must provide them with some sort of incentive. Currently each article only displays the name of the author. Allow the author to use their own links within the article (moderated obviously,) or at link the author name to their own profile which lists their own websites if they have one.

I would also put the article directory at the top of the front page to help people find articles they’re looking for. You can still display how to submit your own article, but it wouldn’t take up half the page.

Altogether, has a chance in this arena. Take a few of my suggestions, get some traffic going, tweak the writing a bit and you’re off to a good start.

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  1. Thanks for the hat tip… For me article marketing has been an excellent way to drive quality traffic and links to a site and howto looks like another great tool.

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