Feedburner Glitch, or Just Me?

A few days ago I noticed my feed count for two of my websites dropped by about 50% overnight. Assuming that 50% of my readership didn’t suddenly decide to unsubscribe at the same time, I figured this was a simple glitch from Feedburner:

Feedburner Graph

I contacted customer service and posted on the help forum, with no response from either, as expected. This went on for five days, then suddenly this morning the feed count jumped back up to normal numbers. It didn’t jump up again for the other site yet, so we’re yet to see what happens there.

Did anybody else have this issue?

5 thoughts on “Feedburner Glitch, or Just Me?”

  1. I’m having the same troubles..Yesterday I had 22 subscribes, this morning I suddenly had 12 and right now I have 25 subscribers! :S

  2. Keep me updated on if it changes like that again BioTecK, I’d like to figure out why it’s doing this. I haven’t noticed any more problems since then, thankfully.

    Oh Google, what hast thou done to Feedburner?

  3. While surfing I found this on Google/Feedburner Help center:
    “FeedBurner’s subscriber count is based on an approximation of how many times your feed has been requested in a 24-hour period. Subscribers is inferred from an analysis of the many different feed readers and aggregators that retrieve this feed daily. Subscribers is not computed for browsers and bots that access your feed.”

    So maybe it’s got something to do with that!? I don’t know..

  4. Right, that explains the daily fluctuation in subscriber count, but not a 50% sudden decrease then increase. This was most certainly a glitch or screw-up on their end.

  5. Yes.. It does explain my problem, but it’s not the right answer for you..
    I haven’t found any other answers yet, but I think a glitch would explain your problem.

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