Feedburner Glitch, or Just Me?

A few days ago I noticed my feed count for two of my websites dropped by about 50% overnight. Assuming that 50% of my readership didn’t suddenly decide to unsubscribe at the same time, I figured this was a simple glitch from Feedburner:

Feedburner Graph

I contacted customer service and posted on the help forum, with no response from either, as expected. This went on for five days, then suddenly this morning the feed count jumped back up to normal numbers. It didn’t jump up again for the other site yet, so we’re yet to see what happens there.

Did anybody else have this issue?

Blogitive Introduces LinkNerve- Might be on to Something

A few days ago, I got an email from Blogtive announcing a new product called LinkNerve, and is currently in Closed Beta. LinkNerve is yet another paid link service, but where the other services seem to be about placing links in your sidebar or footer or every page making it easy to discount it as paid, LinkNerve sells keywords that are already in your articles.

Imagine it like Kontera (or any of the other in-content linking services) except with normal-looking links and no annoying pop-ups every time you hover over the word.

I would imagine this would be automatic in that you place the given script in the footer and it automatically links these keywords for you when you approve it, but I would prefer to place the links myself.

This system is great for bloggers because it take no ad space (no more cluttering up your blog,) and makes it very difficult for search engines to find these links and PR-slap you. The links look very natural.

The links looking natural is also the biggest benefit for advertisers because you can choose the terms you want to rank for and it’s within the article, surrounded by 100% related content.

As bloggers though, you have to make sure the websites you link to are quality sites, so be sure to visit them first.

Let’s just hope that they don’t consider Google Page Rank when determining the price of links, that’s really been throwing a wrench into the gears of paid link services.

Let’s Clear Some Things Up…

It’s come to my attention that there are quite a few misconceptions regarding this blog. I can only attribute the mistakes to my own fault; I’ve led people in the wrong direction.

Egonitron.com is not my primary website. It never has been, and it never will be. Contrary to my tagline (“Helping Geeks Make Money Online”,) this is not just another Make Money Online blog, it’s not an affiliate marketing blog, or anything of the sort. Egonitron.com is my personal blog on which I write about whatever the hell I feel like writing about at the time. That’s the very reason I don’t update as often as I should, and it’s the reason I don’t do any marketing for the blog. I’ve never intended on making any money from this blog (although I have,) and I never intended on getting this blog to be popular (which it really hasn’t.)

While I do give the occasional tip on blogging and marketing and SEO, etc, it’s only because I feel like sharing some information on the subject. Those subjects interest me, so I write about them.

Let me give a little bit of background. While many newer bloggers just name their blog after their own first and last name (there’s nothing wrong with that,) the term “Egonitron” actually came from a nickname back in high school. When I met Danielle and Gary at BlogWorld Expo outside smoking, I believe it was Gary who made a comment expecting me to look like Egon from the Ghostbusters cartoon. If fact, that’s where the name came from; I used to look identical to Egon from the cartoon. I digress…

I like to dabble in all sorts of online ventures, and test out everything. While my primary business is blogging, I play around with PPC, affiliate marketing, domaining, SEO, web development, and all sorts of other stuff. What I really need to do is focus on one or two things and become very good at that before I try other stuff, but it’s really fun :) For my day job, I actually work in IT for a very large company, but that gets monotonous very quickly.

Again, Egonitron.com is my personal blog in which I do give the occasional tip, list, or other article about things I’ve learned along the blogging way, as well as business stuff, marketing, IT stuff, SEO, or any other cool stuff I feel like writing about. I hope you’ve found some interesting things along the way, and I hope you continue to return to read more. I’ll probably be changing some things soon. Nothing major, but I’ll most likely play around with changing some things on the sidebar, etc.

Don’t be shy, let me know your thoughts…

The 12 Links of Christmas – Great Linkbait Example

ProfitableProductiveBlogging.com is in the Christmas spirit this year and has a great example of linkbait. They’ve created “The 12 Links of Christmas” – they’ll be featuring 12 links each day for 12 days, linking out to multiple blogs. The blogs featured are then part of a link train, in which we’re supposed to link back to the blog that linked to us, then 11 other blogs of our choice. Continue reading The 12 Links of Christmas – Great Linkbait Example

About Sponsored Posts on Egonitron.com

sponsored reviewsEvery once in a while I’ll get on a Sponsored Post kick in which every few posts will be sponsored from various sources. Hey a blogger’s got to eat, right? Well I’ve cut back on this a bit, partly because of Google’s Page Rank drop, partly because I’m going to be changing the format of Egonitron.com a bit.

Regardless, I may still do sponsored posts here, and I’d like you to know what my stance on them are.

I take sponsored posts from various 3rd-party companies as well as direct. My favorite places to take sponsored posts: PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, and LinkWorth (LinkPosts.) It’s a good stream of revenue, but they’re still too reliant on Page Rank. Fortunately, Izea (PayPerPost) is working on RealRank which has already been implemented in response to Google dropping the PR of a lot of blogs in their system to Zero (including mine,) so be careful.

Anyway, I don’t have anything against sponsored posts unless the advertiser requires a positive review, or no in-post disclosure. I believe it’s very important that for your blog to remain trustworthy, you need to be transparent. That means not recommending something that you don’t like just because you’re getting paid for it. Tell the truth. If the advertiser doesn’t like it, maybe they need to listen, and change the service. You did them a favor; companies pay tons of money for real customer’s opinions. Why would this be any different?

I once got a request to review a financial services company on an old blog of mine. I did the review, but there were a lot of problems with the site that I not only said was a problem in the post, but offered a good way to fix each issue. The advertiser didn’t like the fact that everything in the review wasn’t positive, so they didn’t pay me. I “nofollow”d their links, and never took another post opportunity from that post broker.

But I digress. My point is that I believe sponsored posts are great, as long as they’re honest and fully disclosed as sponsored posts. Each of these that I do on Egonitron.com is included in the Sponsored Posts category and also have a disclosure inside the post, usually at the beginning or end.

How do you feel about sponsored posts? Are you OK with not disclosing them as paid, and why?

Using TNX.net as an SEO Stategy

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!You may have seen TNX.net ads around some blogs; they’re attractive little 125×125 graphic blocks hanging out on the sidebars of some popular “blogger-blogs.” But what exactly is TNX.net, and why would you want to use it?

TNX.net is another link-back solution aimed at bloggers. So what makes it unique? it’s based on a credit system. Instead of purchasing links (which you can also do if you choose,) you earn credits by displaying other’s links on your site. The process is completely automated, all you have to do is place in the code on your sidebar or footer, and it takes care of itself.


From a blogger’s standpoint, you’ll just have another link or two on some of your pages, depending on your preferences. Each page will have a different link on it, and you can view the links from your control panel at TNX.net. To see an example of the links, browse my archive and click on some of the posts. Look at the bottom of the right sidebar for the links. Some posts have them, some don’t. The links on your pages will earn you points based the Google PageRank of that page (which may pose a problem,) and Yahoo Backlinks, which you can then use to place your own links or sell them for cash. They don’t offer much in terms of cash, so you’re better off using it for your own links; they’re cheap.

After you place the code on your site, you’ll want to keep an eye on what links are being placed there from the TNX control panel. I noticed a lot of unrelated links, which I delete, along with the whole campaign for that advertiser if it’s spammy. Google does penalize you for linking to low-quality sites, so make sure to keep an eye out. Continue reading Using TNX.net as an SEO Stategy