BlogWorld Expo was a Blast! – a Quick Review

Yeah, this took me a while to post, sorry about that. I’ve been so busy since BlogWorld a couple weeks ago, I’ve barely had the chance to sleep.

BlogWorld was awesome, as was Las Vegas in general. I had a great time, and I hope everyone else who attended did as well. I got to meet some really cool people there who I’ve talked to online quite a bit but never actually met in person.

Here are some quick reviews from some of the folks I was proud to hang out with (in no particular order):

Ms. Danielle
John Chow
Zac Johnson
Gary Lee
Darin Carter
Jeremy (Shoemoney)
Nate Whitehill (and the guys from UBD)
Vinay and Anthony
Prija (from Blogging the Movie)

Everyone I met there was so cool, even more than I expected. John Chow took us out for a much appreciated dinner at Benihanna Japanese Steakhouse (photos to come,) I got a chance to meet the great Zac Johnson, who I didn’t expect to be there, that was a surprise. What a cool guy! I met Vinay and Anthony from CarZi and MadWhips, who I also didn’t expect to be there. The guys from Unique Blog Designs, who are currently working on a theme for me had a booth there, and I think they got a ton of business from walk-ups and word-of-mouth.

Anyway I’m going to get my photos situated and put up another post here soon, so stay tuned!

BlogWorld Expo – Quick Update

Well, I got in to Vegas last night, walked around on the strip for a while, it’s definitely an interesting place :) I came in to BlogWorld this morning (a bit late) and Matt Mullenweg was being interviewed. In case you didn’t know, Matt is the original developer of WordPress, and his company Automattic has created Akismet (the blog spam filter,) and some other great products.

Matt had some interesting things to say, and he’s a very smart fella. I’ll post more about it later, they just opened up the vendor floor…

Getting Ready to Take Off for BlogWorld Expo

I’m packing my bags for BlogWorld Expo, taking off tonight and will be there first thing in the morning. I’m really looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers and friends like Nate, Danielle, John, Jeremy, Gary, my friends from Copeac, and so many more! I’ll update the blog when I can, I’m sure they will have wi-fi :)

Sadly, I won’t have much time to do much else while I’m there, since I’ll be going to PostieCon too, and my flight leaves at 6AM Sunday morning.

CSS Naked Day – Tomorrow!

CSS Naked Day 2007

Tomorrow is the second annual CSS Naked Day. Remove your CSS and see how well your website falls back on it’s code. The idea of course is to promote proper web standards. Don’t have a properly coded site? I don’t recommend participating. You can check to see how your site will look tomorrow by installing the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox.

Wanna participate? Make sure to use the sign up form. If you’re using WordPress just install the CSS Naked Day plugin and it will automatically disable your CSS on the 5th. Otherwise, go to the official Naked Day page and follow the instructions there.

You better bet I’m doing it; I’m confident my page will still look good. Be sure to come back and check!