Lesson Learned – Buying Expired Domains

I love buying expired domains, but you have to be careful. In the past, it’s served me well, but I just had my first negative experience. The previous registrant apparently did a few naughty things and broke the AdSense terms and conditions:

From an AdSense rep:

Unfortunately, as you suspected, the ******.info domain was
previously found to be in violation of our program policies and is no
longer eligible for participation in the AdSense program.

Should have checked before registering, but at least it was a .info domain and only cost me $3 instead of an $8 .com.

I asked for an exception since I’m a new owner and have nothing to do with the previous violations:

I apologize for the inconvenience. However, as was previously mentioned, since the site was found to be in violation of our program policies, it is no longer eligible for participation in AdSense.

You are welcome to place Google ads on other sites which comply with
AdSense policies.

Drat. Oh well, looks like I’m just putting YPN on this one.

This is what Digg Traffic Looks Like

Digg LogoOne of my sites got on the front page of Digg a couple weeks ago, and I was interested to see the final results on this. Finally everything seems to have evened out again, and with some decent (and interesting) results. There were actually a few surprising results according to my analytics software. I might go over some more details in a different post, but here’s a brief run-down of some of the results that had an impact:

  • RSS readers increased from 650-ish to around 830 on average
  • Within a few hours of hitting the front page, Digg users consumed almost 24 GB of bandwidth
  • The story hit front page around 7PM, and traffic was higher the next day. I attribute this to the links back and distribution of the link throughout Digg
  • AdSense earnings increased 250% for about 3 days and have slowly dwindled back to normal, or slightly higher
  • Total Digg visitors for those few days: 34,186
  • Alexa rank didn’t increase very much, possibly due to the fact that not many Digg users actually use the Alexa toolbar.
  • The rumor about Digg users having a short attention span is mostly true: Continue reading This is what Digg Traffic Looks Like

People Search at Spock.com

Spock logoSpock.com is a new search engine geared towards searching people. It’s a pretty neat concept; you can search for anybody – Politicians, celebrities, athletes, your neighbors, your boss, or yourself. From what I can tell, when you enter a name, it searches all of the social networking sites (LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook,) as well as Wikipedia, IMDB, and a few others. It gathers this info in one place (including a picture if available,) and even assigns tags. The tags are based on attributes in your various profiles – Blue eyes, Brown Hair, height, weight, occupation, where you live – whatever you made public in your profiles.

The tags come into play when you’re doing a unique search such as “brown hair, blue eyes, San Francisco” to find people with those attributes in the San Francisco Bay area – Pretty freaking cool, huh? That’s where the tags come into play.

The searching can be amazingly flexible. For example, search for “2008 presidential candidate” – you’ll get a page with (you guessed it,) the 2008 Presidential Candidates with related sites, pictures, tags, description, and more. You can even create a neat little widget from your results. The widget for the 2008 Presidential Candidate search is displayed to the right. Hell, I might display that on my sidebar until the elections. Continue reading People Search at Spock.com

MySite Hosting for Beginners and Pros Alike

MySiteMySite.com is a low-cost website hosting solution for literally anybody. If you’re looking at starting up a WordPress blog but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive hosting, they offer a specific “WordPress Blog” hosting package for only $4.95/month, which includes 2GB of disk space and 20GB of monthly bandwidth. Plenty for an up-and-coming blog. Plus it has plenty of extra features like $25 in Google AdWords credits to get your name out there.

Once you want to move up, they have more packages available, all the way up to a “Business Hosting” package with 10 Gigs of disk space and 1TB of bandwidth. Where MySite.com really shines though is it’s beginner packages, for folks just getting into hosting their own site. Continue reading MySite Hosting for Beginners and Pros Alike