About Sponsored Posts on Egonitron.com

sponsored reviewsEvery once in a while I’ll get on a Sponsored Post kick in which every few posts will be sponsored from various sources. Hey a blogger’s got to eat, right? Well I’ve cut back on this a bit, partly because of Google’s Page Rank drop, partly because I’m going to be changing the format of Egonitron.com a bit.

Regardless, I may still do sponsored posts here, and I’d like you to know what my stance on them are.

I take sponsored posts from various 3rd-party companies as well as direct. My favorite places to take sponsored posts: PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, and LinkWorth (LinkPosts.) It’s a good stream of revenue, but they’re still too reliant on Page Rank. Fortunately, Izea (PayPerPost) is working on RealRank which has already been implemented in response to Google dropping the PR of a lot of blogs in their system to Zero (including mine,) so be careful.

Anyway, I don’t have anything against sponsored posts unless the advertiser requires a positive review, or no in-post disclosure. I believe it’s very important that for your blog to remain trustworthy, you need to be transparent. That means not recommending something that you don’t like just because you’re getting paid for it. Tell the truth. If the advertiser doesn’t like it, maybe they need to listen, and change the service. You did them a favor; companies pay tons of money for real customer’s opinions. Why would this be any different?

I once got a request to review a financial services company on an old blog of mine. I did the review, but there were a lot of problems with the site that I not only said was a problem in the post, but offered a good way to fix each issue. The advertiser didn’t like the fact that everything in the review wasn’t positive, so they didn’t pay me. I “nofollow”d their links, and never took another post opportunity from that post broker.

But I digress. My point is that I believe sponsored posts are great, as long as they’re honest and fully disclosed as sponsored posts. Each of these that I do on Egonitron.com is included in the Sponsored Posts category and also have a disclosure inside the post, usually at the beginning or end.

How do you feel about sponsored posts? Are you OK with not disclosing them as paid, and why?

How to Profit From the Current Housing Market

Money HouseI’m certainly not one to normally write about this on this blog, but something you may not know about me is that I’m very much into the real estate market. It’s one of the best ways to make lots of money and more importantly, passive income.

There have been too many banks granting mortgages to under qualified people. There have been way too many people buying their homes on adjustable-rate mortgages because the low initial rate seems attractive. The interest rate always goes up, and since most Americans live above their means already, they live paycheck-to-paycheck. They don’t even have a chance to refinance at a lower rate. When the interest rate inflates on their mortgage, they can no longer afford the payments, and are forced to foreclose. Mostly because us Americans feel it necessary to keep up with the Jones’, but at least part of it can be remedied by only taking out Fixed Rate Mortgages.

There are more foreclosures than there’s ever been. That’s a bad thing, but it brings about some opportunities for investors. Buying property at foreclosure and pre-foreclosure is a great way to get some property on the cheap, and can even help the previous owners save their credit in some cases. The only problem with buying at foreclosure is that you must have the full cash amount available to purchase the property. Continue reading How to Profit From the Current Housing Market

4 Easy Ways to Make More Money with AdSense

Google Adsense LogoGoogle AdSense has become a favorite money-making tool for many bloggers, due to it’s ease of use, attractive, non-intrusive display, and the simple fact that even little-known bloggers can make a few bucks from it. AdSense accepts almost any website, unlike many larger advertising networks, so it’s instantly a favorite.

Even though just about anybody can see some results, there are plenty of ways to increase the amount you earn with AdSense.

1. Test!

This is the most important thing you should do to ensure you’re earning as much as possible with AdSense. Called A/B Testing, this is Google’s little-known technique for maximizing your earning potential.

Let’s say you have a 468×60 banner with a light gray background and dark blue text on your page. Perhaps the same banner would blend better if you changed the background to white, but would it convert better? Don’t just change the code to the new format; what if there are other reasons that would influence the click-through rate like a holiday, season change, recent post, etc? Implement A/B Testing and send 50% of visitors to the gray background and 50% to the white background. Give each one a different channel (you are using channels, right?) and you’ll see which one gets a better click-through rate.

To implement is simple:
Continue reading 4 Easy Ways to Make More Money with AdSense

Website Pros Offers Big Commission

Are you an Affiliate Marketer? Affiliate sales are a huge money-maker on the internet, and most people aren’t taking advantage of it. There are many ways to go about promoting a certain product to get sales, but the easiest tends to be placing a link or banner on your own website.

Website Pros affiliate program is a great place to get started if you own a website dedicated to a topic similar to starting your own website, or want to dive into other promotional methods such as Pay-Per-Click marketing. Continue reading Website Pros Offers Big Commission

Earn Affiliate Revenue with aLinks

aLinksHere’s an effortless way to earn more money with your blog. The aLinks plugin for WordPress takes common words and phrases you use and automatically turns them into links. Sounds simple enough, but the possibilities are almost endless.

The first and most obvious technique here is to take commonly used phrases on your blog and turn them into affiliate links. I frequently write about blogging, webmasters, hosting, and other general IT-related subjects, and you can see a few of my aLink Keywords in the image below. These all link to their respective affiliate programs, and have each generated a little bit of extra income. Continue reading Earn Affiliate Revenue with aLinks

Google Testing New Ad Combo Format

While writing a new post on another one of my websites today, I noticed an AdSense format I’ve never seen before. It seems to be a combination Ad Unit/Link Unit format:

AdSense Link Ad Unit

Google is doing a great job with putting 7 different links in a small 468×60 area without making it look cluttered. I’m curious as to how they’re going to perform, but sadly, we can’t yet create channels for the new format. If anybody has any more information on these new formats, please leave a comment.