Stop Ignoring Advertisements!

Blank BillboardYes, this may sound silly, especially coming from me. But let’s sit back and think about this for a minute. With advancements like TiVo, which lets you skip TV commercials, and the Adblock plugin for Firefox, which lets you block any advertisement on web pages, advertisements have become close to non-existent for many consumers, especially the tech-savvy ones.) While this may sound like a good thing, we have to think about the consequences.

Advertising is what makes content free. If it weren’t for TV commercials, we wouldn’t have TV. Same deal with the internet, in most cases. Most websites now-a-days monetize their site by placing advertisements of some sort on the page, hoping you will click on something of interest. Webmasters deserve to get paid for the enormous amount of time and effort they put into their sites. Blocking these advertisements with plugins or simply ignoring them hurts the website owner. If everybody used these, most websites would be no more! That, or all would be on a paid-subscription basis, and who wants that?

I use Adblock for Firefox myself. Am I a hypocrite? hardly…
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Debt Consolidation

Credit CardsThe sponsored post I’m writing today could be of some use to all of us. While it is blatant advertising, the site impressed me. The website is, and unlike many, many other financial sites similar to this that I’ve seen, this one looks completely legit. If you’re having any debt problems (we all have them at at least one point,) you should really check out

As a disclaimer, the review requester (DebtHelp) did not require that this review be all positive, I really do think it’s a great resource for those who can use it.

America has a big problem with consumer debt, as we all know. If we all know it, then why is the problem only getting worse? One reason: Because Americans are obsessed with keeping up with the Jones’. It’s not necessarily our fault; it’s been ingrained into us since birth. Wanna know the ultimate secret to staying out of consumer debt? Stop it. Stop trying to keep up with your neighbor. It’s not worth it. If you can’t afford that new Lexus, don’t buy it. Get a Toyota instead; they’re the same damn car, and you’ll save at least $10,000 ($200 per month!) Already got yourself into trouble? Keep reading…

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Google AdSense Now Offers Rounded Corners

Time to start your A/B Testing! Google finally realizes that the standard square corners on AdSense ads don’t fit in with every website and theme. Most prefer not to use borders at all (including myself,) allowing the ads to blend in better with the website design, but i really like the look of these corners now.

Here is an example of a 468×60 banner with “Very rounded corners:”

If that doesn’t show anything, try refreshing until it does. The ad could look a little bit better, it looks like the leftmost text is running into the border a little bit. It still looks better than the normal square corners, but will it convert better than ads with no border?

I’m going to make 50% of my ads with no border, and 50% with rounded corners and see which one converts better. You should do the same; A/B Testing is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your ad space. I’ll write a comprehensive tutorial on A/B Testing in the future.

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The Importance of Multiple Sources of Monetization

Recently I tweaked my robots.txt file on one of my blogs, and accidentally made a rule to not index any posts (duh, stupid me.) It was a simple mistake and easy to fix, but by the time I found out what I did, Google had already ran through it and un-indexed all my posts.

My traffic dropped drastically, almost immediately. I get a lot of organic (search engine) traffic for that blog, and the drop in visitors quickly killed my AdSense and YPN earnings. This was about a week ago, and Google still hasn’t come back to visit the new robots.txt and index my posts again. This little mistake cost me over $300/month, if it continues.
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List of Blogger Salaries

If you’re interested on how much you can make blogging, head over to Paula’s List of Blogging Salaries where she lists various blogger’s salaries, from the gurus like John Chow, to some of the lesser-known bloggers.

I’m not on the list, but I guess I could be. Last month I made a little bit over $600 from, and it was the same the month before. Off of those calculations, my yearly blogging salary would be about $7,500 from AutomoBlog. Not too bad for something I started for fun. I haven’t even tried to monetize yet, but I think I’ll start soon. Having a Page Rank 6 really gets me a good start on that.

Monetization Options – LinkWorth

So far I haven’t even tried to monetize With a new Page Rank 6 ranking, I believe I’m in a position to do this pretty well and leverage some of my available options. Google AdSense is the first thing that comes to mind for PPC monetization, but what about some of the other options available?

LinkWorth recently released a few new products to help you make money online by monetizing. On top of their normal text link advertising, they now offer LinkinText, LinkArt, and LinkPost.
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