Feedburner Glitch, or Just Me?

A few days ago I noticed my feed count for two of my websites dropped by about 50% overnight. Assuming that 50% of my readership didn’t suddenly decide to unsubscribe at the same time, I figured this was a simple glitch from Feedburner:

Feedburner Graph

I contacted customer service and posted on the help forum, with no response from either, as expected. This went on for five days, then suddenly this morning the feed count jumped back up to normal numbers. It didn’t jump up again for the other site yet, so we’re yet to see what happens there.

Did anybody else have this issue?

Design Coding Rap

Jon Lee turned me on to this excellent…umm…informational video about web development. Kids, please listen to the nice rapper:

Jon highlights the tips:

  • Have a nice navigation
  • Use appealing graphics (but use animations sparingly)
  • Highlight your contact info
  • Use correct color combinations
  • Use divs, not tables!
  • Use XML and CSS (on a separate sheet)
  • Include doctype in your HTML
  • Check compatibility with all browsers
  • Add titles to anchor and image tags
  • Don’t use deprecated tags (<b>, <i>)
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