The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

For April Fools day, (one of my favorite stores) supposedly offered a really cool new tie design they called the “8-bit tie.” Understanding it was only a joke, many people wrote Thinkgeek saying they really wanted the tie (myself included,) and to produce it.

After a ton of requests, Thinkgeek finally folded, and said that they are going to make it. Here’s the message on their site:

Hey! You! Quit emailing us to make this for REAL already  We promise, we’ll make it. In fact we are already working on it. You’ve just forced our hand! Click the ‘email me when available’ link above to get notified! Thanks! I guess the joke is on us this year :p

Hilarious. If you like it, be sure to pick it up for $20 when it becomes available from ThinkGeek

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